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Tianjin yuan jie fasteners co., LTD., is specialized in the production of V groove clamp and all sorts of hose hoops of professional manufacturers.

Since the company was founded in 2007 will focus on product development, design, manufacture and innovation, and now the company has developed into a mechanical products processing and mould manufacturing is a body comprehensive enterprise.

Products include pipe connecting fixed series of turbine worm clamp, clamp, T type clamp, V type clamp and wire clamp and used for pipe connection as 20 series of pipe connectors, pipe repair two major series of hundreds of specifications.

Connected system is mainly used in water, oil, gas, powders and connection circuit, such as pipe fixed clamp and pipe connectors, pipe bare patch.

The company production of card hoop and repair pipe connection device is widely used in petrochemical, automobile, engineering machinery, all kinds of engine, urban rail, subway, trains, high-speed train, military vehicles and aircraft manufacturing, and other areas of the high-end, for aviation, railway, military industry, shipbuilding, automobile, petrochemical and other industries provide an ideal connection system solutions.

The company business philosophy: to create value for customers.